Television (formerly broadcast)

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Television (formerly broadcast) – creating television commercials is an art form. From concept through airtime, it takes a talented team of experts to produce quality ads. Clients rely on our experience and expertise.

Why Television?

Broad Reach

Broadcast / television advertising remains a powerful way to reach a large and diverse audience. In an age where digital marketing reigns supreme, traditional forms of advertising such as print, radio, and television have not lost their value. With television advertising, businesses have the potential to reach millions of people in a single campaign, maximizing their visibility and boosting their brand recognition. By creating captivating and engaging advertisements, businesses can create meaningful connections with their target audience and drive sales in a way that other forms of advertising cannot replicate.

Targeted Approach

In addition to its broad reach, television advertising has the unique ability to target specific geographic regions and demographics. By utilizing data analytics and market research, businesses can craft advertisements that are tailored to specific audiences and run them during times when those audiences are most likely to be listening or watching. This targeted approach allows businesses to optimize their advertising budget and maximize their return on investment, ultimately leading to long-term growth and success.

Builds Trust

Perhaps most importantly, television advertising offers a level of authenticity and credibility that other forms of advertising simply cannot replicate. When people hear an advertisement on the radio or see it on television, they are more likely to trust the message being conveyed. This trust is built on years of tradition and experience, and it is a key reason why television advertising continues to be a mainstay in the marketing world. By leveraging the power of broadcast / television advertising, businesses can build trust with their target audience and establish themselves as credible and trustworthy brands.

Who’s it for?

Broadcast / television advertising is suitable for businesses, Marketing Directors, and marketing teams that aim to reach a wide and diverse audience. Since television is a mass medium, companies that offer products or services with broad appeal can benefit from television advertising. Additionally, businesses that operate locally or regionally can also benefit from television advertising, as television stations often offer local programming and advertising options. Overall, businesses that want to increase brand awareness, reach a larger audience, and have a budget for advertising can consider broadcast / television advertising.

Businesses + Marketers

Increased Revenue

Whether you’re a business, a Marketing Director, or a marketing team looking to grow your brand broadcast / television advertising can help your organization increase revenue in several ways:

Firstly, it allows businesses and marketing teams to reach a large audience, which increases their brand awareness and exposure. Television ads can be placed during primetime or other high-profile shows, allowing businesses to reach millions of potential customers in a matter of seconds. This increased exposure can lead to more sales and customer loyalty.

Secondly, broadcast/television advertising can help businesses and marketing teams reach specific target audiences through the use of ad placements in different demographics such as age, gender, or geographic location data. This targeted approach can lead to more effective lead generation and customer acquisition.

Finally, broadcast/television advertising can help businesses and marketing teams differentiate themselves from competitors by creating unique and memorable ads that capture the attention of viewers. This can lead to increased brand recognition and a competitive advantage in the market.

Maximize Growth

Here are a few other ways businesses and marketers can use broadcast/television advertising to grow:

  • Establish brand recognition: Television advertising can be used to build brand recognition and increase brand awareness. Consistently exposing a target audience to a brand through TV ads can help establish a company’s brand in the minds of consumers. Naming is also another helpful tool when it comes to establishing brand.
  • Showcase new products or services: Television advertising is a great way to showcase new products or services to a large audience. Companies can create commercials that highlight the features and benefits of their new offerings, and use television advertising to build buzz and anticipation around their launch.
  • Drive website traffic: By including a call-to-action in their television ads, businesses can drive traffic to their website and increase online sales. This can be particularly effective for businesses that sell products or services online.

Marketing Directors + Marketing Teams

Leave the Hard Work to Us

Our broadcast / television advertising services can help Marketing Directors and marketing teams free up more of their time and enjoy more of a work-life balance by taking over the responsibilities of planning, creating, and executing successful advertising campaigns. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we can handle all aspects of broadcast advertising, from scriptwriting to post-production, leaving marketing directors and marketing teams with more time to focus on other important areas of their work within their organizations. By entrusting their advertising needs to us, marketers can rest assured that their campaigns are in good hands, while also enjoying more flexibility and time for themselves.

Client Outcomes

Increased Effectiveness

Our broadcast / television advertising solutions have contributed to a considerable surge in sales and enhanced brand recognition for our clients. Our services have helped companies establish their distinctive brand identities that differentiate them from their rivals, enabling them to fully leverage their distinctive marketing opportunities. With our expertise, our customers have been able to increase the effectiveness of their marketing materials, personalized to the needs of potential buyers, thereby increasing their ability to win new accounts.

Customer Engagement

In addition, our utilization of broadcast/television advertising enables us to assist our clients in crafting experiences that effectively capture the attention of their audience and foster deeper engagement. With our expertise in understanding the emotional impact of broadcast advertising, we are able to create television ads that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. This results in heightened brand loyalty and recognition, ultimately leading to greater customer retention rates and the potential for securing repeat business over an extended period.

Achieve Results

By allowing our team of experienced professionals to handle their broadcast / television advertising needs, our clients can achieve greater results and focus on other aspects of their business. With years of experience in the industry, we are able to craft targeted and effective ads that resonate with audiences and drive growth. Our expertise in media planning and buying also ensures that our clients’ ads are seen by the right people at the right time, maximizing their reach and impact.

Client Experience

Supportive Partner

Our broadcast / television advertising service offers our clients a positive experience as a supportive partner who guides them through the entire design process.

Direct Access

Clients have direct access to our creative team, allowing them to avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

Streamlined Approach

Our streamlined approach values efficiency and eliminates complicated layers of communication.

Customized Ads

The excellent work of our creative team speaks for itself, with clients receiving customized ads that exceed their expectations.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is also a top priority, as clients communicate directly with their creative designer to ensure their vision is fully realized.

Smooth Delivery

Overall, our service is designed to deliver a smooth and successful advertising campaign for our clients.

Project Management

We understand that managing a marketing campaign can be time-consuming and overwhelming, which is why we work diligently to ensure that our clients’ projects are completed on time and within budget.

The Client Journey

Our approach to working with our clients goes beyond simply delivering a product. We take the time to fully understand their needs, budget, and timeline so that we can deliver a custom-tailored solution that meets their expectations for quality and efficiency. From the moment our clients reach out to us, we guide them through the entire customer journey, ensuring that every step of the way is smooth and hassle-free.

Our team of experienced creatives takes the time to understand our client’s vision and create broadcast / television advertising that fits their unique needs. By working directly with each client, we ensure that the end product reflects their vision and captures the desired message or emotion perfectly. We also understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines, which is why we work quickly while still delivering high-quality results.

Our ultimate goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations by creating dynamic television advertisements that captivate audiences and create meaningful connections with potential customers. By doing so, we help our clients to stand out from their competitors and achieve greater success in their respective industries. With our guidance, our clients can be confident in their broadcast / television advertising, knowing that their unique vision will be brought to life in an impactful way.

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Commitment to Transparency

We strive to bring a commitment to transparency through partnership – we aren’t just another design mill, but a true partner in our client’s success. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their budget and timeline needs, and we make sure to keep them in the loop every step of the way.

Creative Communication

What really stands out to our clients is our approach to creative communication. We can understand how frustrating it can be when layers of people and communication stand between clients and the people they are trying to work with. With us, however, we’ve eliminated that so that our clients are able to talk directly to our creative team, ensuring that their vision is perfectly captured in the final product.

Quick Turnaround

We work hard to impress our clients with quick turnaround times, while being able to move quickly without sacrificing quality. Thanks to our team’s expertise in broadcasting and television advertising, we are able to help our clients create experiences that capture attention and engage users on a deeper level than ever before.

Improved Brand Identity

As a result of our partnership, our clients will see significant increases in sales and improved branding. They will be able to create a more distinctive brand identity that stands out from their competitors and captures the attention of potential buyers. With our ongoing advertising services, they are also able to maintain momentum and secure repeat business for years down the line.


Building Trust

Our team is guided by a number of core principles when it comes to broadcast / television advertising and our client relationships. We believe that creating long-term partnerships with our clients is paramount for success. We strive to build trusting relationships and provide honest communication throughout the entire process. We understand that trust is earned, which is why we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients.


We also value transparency when it comes to broadcast / television advertising projects. We make sure that our clients are well-informed at all times and that the project milestones keep them up to date of the progress. It’s important that they know what’s going on with their project so they can make informed decisions along the way.

Creativity & Innovation

At the same time, we also prioritize creativity and innovation when it comes to broadcast / television advertising projects. We understand the importance of capturing viewers’ attention in a unique way, which is why we work hard to develop concepts and ideas that will stand out from their competitors. Our experienced team takes pride in coming up with creative solutions that capture audiences’ imaginations while still staying true to our client’s desired messaging or themes.

Organized Approach

Finally, we remain committed to completing broadcast / television advertising projects on time and within budget requirements. To ensure this, we take an organized approach from the outset, mapping out timelines and setting clear expectations from day one. This helps us stay on track throughout the project and allows us to complete projects quickly without compromising quality or exceeding budgets in any way.

Our Capabilities

The diverse capabilities of our broadcast / television advertising services include:

  • Creative development: Creating unique and memorable ads that capture the attention of their target audience. This includes everything from concept development to script writing to the actual production of the ad.
  • Media planning and buying: Choosing the right channels and time slots to broadcast their ads for maximum reach and impact. This involves analyzing market research and audience demographics to create a strategic media plan.
  • Video production: Involves creating high-quality video content for television ads, including filming, editing, and post-production work.
  • Animation and graphics: Designing and creating animated and/or graphic elements to enhance the visual impact of the ad, such as customized logos, motion graphics, and special effects.
  • Sound design and mixing: Services such as voiceover recordings, sound effects, and music selection can be used to enhance the audio quality of the ad.
  • Campaign tracking and reporting: Tracking the performance of the ad campaign and providing detailed reports on metrics such as reach, frequency, and engagement to optimize advertising strategy.

Our Process


Our process for broadcast / television advertising services starts with a consultative approach. We get to know our clients, their goals and objectives, who their target audience is, and what their key messaging should be. This allows us to develop creative concepts that are tailored for the specific needs of each client.

Creative Development

Once we have a clear understanding of the project requirements, we begin the creative development stage. This includes developing a concept and writing a script that best represents the desired messaging of the client. During this phase, our experienced team provides feedback on potential design changes or improvements to ensure the final product meets our clients’ expectations.

Media Planning and Buying

Once the broadcast/television ad is created, we move onto media planning and buying. This involves conducting market research and analyzing audience demographics to determine which channels or time slots would be best for broadcast/television advertisement purposes. After selecting an appropriate broadcast/television channel and time slot, we purchase airtime from television stations to run the ads at set intervals throughout the campaign period.

Video Production

The next step in our broadcast/television advertising process is video production. This involves filming raw footage using professional equipment at an agreed-upon location according to a pre-determined storyboard or script. Once filming is complete, this raw footage is edited in post-production with additional elements such as animation, graphics, voiceovers, sound effects and music selection added in as needed to create a polished television commercial ready for broadcast/television airing.

Performance Evaluation

At this point in the broadcast/television advertising process, campaigns are tracked and reported on regularly throughout their duration in order to evaluate performance metrics such as reach, frequency and engagement. This allows us to optimize our clients’ advertising strategies by making necessary adjustments or tweaks along the way that will drive better results.

Comprehensive Reports

Once broadcast/television advertising campaigns conclude we provide comprehensive reports detailing all aspects of performance (e.g., total impressions generated; cost per impression; clickthrough rate; etc.). This helps our clients understand how their money was spent and which tactics worked best for them so that they can make informed decisions about future marketing efforts going forward.

Television (formerly broadcast)