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Why Packaging?

Packaging is an important part of the customer experience, and it can make or break a business. From protecting products to providing visual appeal, packaging helps create a positive first impression with customers. For these reasons and more, having professional packaging services is critical for any business that wants to succeed. With custom-designed packages tailored to your specific needs, you can ensure that every product sent out looks its best — setting yourself apart from competitors and giving customers something special to remember you by.

Packaging services are essential for any business that wants to provide their customers with a positive experience. From providing visual appeal to protecting products, good packaging can set a business apart from its competitors and create lasting impacts on customers. Not only does professional packaging help to create a memorable customer experience, but it also plays an important role in branding and marketing efforts.

For instance, having visually appealing packages allows businesses to showcase their brand identity and attract potential customers. Packages can be designed in various shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the business, allowing them to stand out from their competitors with unique designs. This can be used as an effective way of marketing products or services as well as providing customers with something that looks aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, custom-designed packages make excellent display pieces or gift boxes that are sure to get noticed by potential buyers or recipients.

Finally, businesses can remember that good packaging is one of the most important aspects of customer service. Packaging services provide an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction by showing attention to detail – through beautiful design elements or personalized messages – that will leave customers feeling appreciated and valued. Investing in professional packaging services is thus an integral part of creating a positive overall customer experience that will ensure customers return time after time.

Who’s it for?

Our packaging services are perfect for any business or Marketing teams that wants to create a memorable customer experience and provide their customers with an improved level of service. It is essential for businesses that want to showcase their brand identity, attract potential customers, and generate positive impressions through visually appealing packages. The custom-designed packaging can be tailored to any specific needs as well, allowing businesses to set themselves apart from their competitors with unique designs. Packaging services are also beneficial when shipping fragile items or valuable goods, as they ensure the products will reach the customer safely and undamaged, preventing future costly problems.


For businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction, professional packaging services are a great way to demonstrate their commitment to providing the best possible service. Packages can be designed with attention to detail – including elements such as beautiful designs or personalized messages – which will leave customers feeling appreciated and valued. Additionally, having custom-designed packages makes excellent display pieces or gift boxes – perfect for marketing products or services as well as making a lasting impression on potential buyers or recipients.

Overall, good packaging is an essential part of creating a positive customer experience and should not be overlooked by any business that wants to succeed in today’s competitive market. Not only does it provide protection for products during transit, but it also serves as an effective branding and marketing tool – attracting potential customers while providing something special for existing ones. Investing in high-quality professional packaging services is beneficial in the long run by showing customers that they are valued while ensuring products reach them safely and looking their best.

Marketing Directors

Marketing directors and teams can greatly benefit from our professional packaging services for many reasons. Firstly, custom-designed packages offer a perfect opportunity to showcase brand identity and attract potential customers with visually appealing designs. This can be done through beautiful design elements such as logos, colors or unique images that help create an emotional connection with the customer or recipient. Additionally, personalized messages can be included within the package itself – either on the outside of the box or inside – which provides an extra touch of appreciation and demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction.

Secondly, our packaging services provide a great avenue for marketing products or services as well as making a lasting impression on potential buyers. Packaging can be designed to provide customers with more than just a product; they can become part of the overall experience and act as display pieces or gift boxes which are eye-catching and hard to ignore. This kind of creative packaging is sure to generate positive impressions amongst customers and make them more likely to purchase from the same company again in the future.

All in all, there are many benefits for marketing directors and teams when it comes to utilizing our professional packaging services; from generating positive impressions amongst potential buyers through creative displays pieces and personal messages, to providing protection against damage during transit so products reach their destination looking their best. Using high-quality packaging services will not only help demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction but also helps ensure that products reach their final destination safely.

Client Outcomes

Past clients of our professional packaging services have had a wide variety of positive outcomes. For instance, by investing in custom-designed packages, businesses have been able to create an emotional connection with customers and attract potential buyers with visually appealing designs that showcase brand identity. Additionally, personalized messages have provided customers with the extra touch of appreciation they desire, demonstrating the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Moreover, creative packaging can be used as marketing tools or gift boxes which are sure to generate positive impressions amongst customers and make them more likely to purchase from the same company again in the future. Furthermore, utilizing specialized materials during transit helps protect fragile items and prevents costly problems down the line. This is especially important when shipping valuable goods or items that are prone to damage.

Overall, high-quality professional packaging services contributes to businesses with customers having a better experience due to the enhanced protection and aesthetic appeal of the products they receive. Not only does this help demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction but it also helps create more trust and a stronger connection between companies and their customers as well as making an impression on potential buyers. This is why many businesses recognize the importance of good packaging when it comes to their marketing strategy and customer experience – both of which are essential for any business that aims to succeed in today’s market.

Quick N’ Eat

Quick N’ Eat is a nationally distributed brand of fully cooked patties, part of the George’s family of products. When they introduced their new 4oz patty, they turned to us to help with revitalizing their packaging and digital presence. To do so, we provided them with an updated design that was simple yet eye-catching, featuring bright photographs of the product that highlight its nutritional benefits. For additional engagement, we developed a website redesign as well as animations for their social media accounts.

The redesign involved ensuring that the packaging was straightforward yet visually appealing so that customers could easily recognize and appreciate the features of the product. Additionally, it also had to provide information about the nutritional content and origin of Quick N’ Eat’s patties, so consumers can make informed decisions when choosing what to buy. As such, the design had to look fresh and vibrant in order to draw attention from potential buyers. Additionally, it needed to be memorable enough for existing customers to keep coming back for more.

In line with this revamp of the packaging design, we also redesigned Quick ‘N Eat’s website in order to further increase online engagement and conversion rates. Through this redesign, we were able to make sure that all relevant information was easily found by customers on both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, for those using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we created exciting animations which have helped boost visibility and customer satisfaction even further.

In conclusion, through our services in regard to packaging design and website & social media improvements for Quick N’ Eat’s introduction of their new 4oz patty, we have been successful in helping them create a visually attractive package while also providing useful information about their products that can help guide consumer decisions while increasing digital visibility and engagement along with improved customer satisfaction levels overall.

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Client Experience

The client experience with our packaging services is designed to be seamless, efficient and effective. The goal is to provide a customized solution that meets the specific needs and requirements of our client while delivering high-quality results. The process starts with understanding our client’s product, target audience and their packaging needs. This information is then used to create a personalized packaging solution that not only protects the product but also enhances its overall appeal and value.

Partnering with us offers several benefits for our client. Firstly, it saves time and resources that would have been spent on trial and error processes, as we have the expertise and experience to deliver an optimal solution from the start. Secondly, a well-designed and functional packaging solution can increase the product’s visibility and appeal, making it more attractive to potential customers. Thirdly, a durable and secure packaging solution protects the product during transportation and storage, reducing the risk of damage and improving customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, a positive client experience involves a professional and customized approach, which results in a high-quality solution that meets our client’s needs and enhances their product’s value.

The Client Journey

The client journey typically follows a structured process, designed to ensure the best outcome for our client, which includes:

  1. Initial Consultation: The process starts with an initial consultation, during which the client’s needs, goals and expectations are discussed. This helps us to understand our client’s requirements and provide relevant recommendations.
  2. Design & Conceptualization: Based on the initial consultation, we will create design concepts and samples for our client to review. The client can provide feedback and make any necessary changes until the final design is agreed upon.
  3. Prototype Development: Once the design is finalized, we will create a prototype for the client to test and approve. This helps ensure that the packaging is functional and meets our client’s needs.
  4. Production: Once the prototype is approved, we will commence with the production process, ensuring that the packaging is produced efficiently and to the highest quality standards.
  5. Delivery: The final step is the delivery of the packaged product to the client. We will work with the client to ensure that the delivery is made on time and that our client is satisfied with the final product.

Throughout this process, we strive to maintain open communication with the client to ensure that they are informed and satisfied with the progress of their project. A positive client experience with our service is one where our client feels heard, their requirements are met, and they are confident in the quality of the final product.


Partnering with us is the ideal choice for businesses looking to provide their customers with a high-quality and efficient packaging solution. This type of partnership offers many benefits, including access to expert knowledge, experience and resources. With this expertise, companies can create an effective and attractive packaging solution that not only protects the product but also enhances its overall appeal and value.

At MOCK, the agency, we assess our client’s product, target audience, needs and requirements in order to create a personalized packaging solution that meets their specific needs. We will design concepts and samples that can be tested and approved by the client before commencing production. This ensures that the final product is fit for purpose and looks as attractive as possible to potential customers.

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In the process, we will have access to top-of-the-line materials and technologies which can help create a durable yet aesthetically pleasing package. Additionally, we will oversee the entire process from initial consultation through to delivery, ensuring that it is completed efficiently while meeting deadlines. We will also provide guidance on the best practices when it comes to shipping products safely, helping clients reduce damage risk during transportation or storage.

Throughout this process, communication between us and our client is key in order to achieve results that meet both parties’ expectations. We will work with our clients in an open environment where feedback is given early on in order for any changes or modifications needed to be made along the way. This ensures that our clients are always informed of progress being made on their project, which is especially important if there are tight deadlines or budget constraints involved.

In conclusion, partnering with us offers numerous benefits for businesses looking for effective solutions for their product’s packaging needs; from expert advice on design concept right through to production completion and delivery timescales – all tailored specifically according to each company’s unique requirements. Ultimately this guarantees a positive client experience which results in a high-quality solution that not only meets but surpasses expectations when it comes to presenting products effectively in an appealing manner.


Effective Communication:

Effective communication is an essential component of any successful relationship and is particularly important when it comes to the relationship between us and our clients. Through transparent communication, we can ensure that we are on the same page throughout the process, from initial consultation right through to delivery of the final product. This helps to reduce unwanted surprises, manage expectations, and achieve optimum results.

Understand the Requirements:

For an effective partnership between us and our clients, understanding their requirements and specific needs is key. By taking the time to fully understand what our client needs, we can create a personalized solution tailored specifically for them. This involves getting to know the product, who it is targeted at, and any specific design requirements that need to be met. We will take this information into consideration when creating concepts and samples for approval before entering into production.

Be Proactive:

In addition to understanding our client’s needs, it is also important for us to be proactive in our approach when working with our clients. This means keeping them regularly updated on progress made during production as well as any potential issues or delays that may arise along the way. In this way, our clients can stay informed while being included in the process. It also ensures that any changes or modifications requested by our client can be acted upon quickly and efficiently resulting in improved satisfaction with the final product.

Deliver Quality Results:

Finally, delivering quality results is another key principle in relationships between us and our clients. Quality assurance measures will always be taken throughout each stage of production so that only products of high standard reach the customer’s hands. High-quality materials will also be used so that they provide adequate protection while still maintaining an attractive appearance when necessary – something which requires expertise and knowledge from experienced professionals within this industry.

Our Capabilities

The different capabilities of our professional packaging service may include the following:

  • Design and prototyping: Packaging design and creation of prototypes to help our clients visualize their end product.
  • Material sourcing and selection: Sourcing of materials suitable for the specific product and packaging requirements, with a focus on durability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Manufacturing and production: Efficient and high-quality production of the final packaging product.
  • Logistics and delivery: Researching and verifying secure and timely delivery of the packaged products to the desired location.
  • Quality control and assurance: Stringent quality control measures to ensure that the packaging meets our client’s expectations and specifications.
  • Customer support: Ongoing support and consultation to help our clients with any questions or issues they may have throughout the packaging process.

Our Process

Our packaging design service begins with identifying the needs and requirements for the project, such as a product to be packaged, target audience and objectives. Following this initial assessment, we are able to create a personalized solution that meets these needs. This includes creating customized designs that are visually appealing while also providing information about the product’s content and value.

Once the design concept has been established, it is then put through various tests in order to ensure its quality and effectiveness. This may include simulating real-life conditions to assess its durability or conducting focus groups or market research to determine how customers react to the design. The process then continues with the production of physical samples that can be used for further testing before committing to full scale production.

At this stage, all necessary materials and components are sourced from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee high-quality results. Once everything is ready, the packaging can then be produced using either manual or automated processes depending on the complexity of each project. Throughout every step of this journey, close communication with our clients allows for feedback regarding changes that need to be made in order for them to meet their desired outcome within budget and timeline constraints.

Finally, once everything is ready and approved by both parties, complete packages are then shipped out in line with client standards and expectations – whether this involves special labeling or tracking solutions – in order to guarantee secure delivery of each product batch.

In conclusion, a successful packaging design project requires close collaboration between us and our client throughout every step from initial assessment up until delivery of completed packages; resulting in a high-quality solution that meets all agreed upon requirements while exceeding customer expectations regarding quality, performance and cost efficiency.

“MOCK, the agency is truly a turnkey agency, consistently delivering gifted creative with the sense of urgency companies like ours demand. They have become our agency of record in just a few short months as a result of continuously exceeding our expectations – always efficient and always on budget.”
Nathan Miles | Director of Marketing- Retail | George’s, Inc.