Why Design?

When we say Nike, what do you think of?

Do you think of the Nike swoosh?

A logo like Nike’s may seem so normal that we take it for granted, but the very simple swoosh was a labor of love. Designers whittled down their designs to the most minimalistic form. And it wasn’t complete until they couldn’t take anything else away. These designers took overarching business characteristics and strategy and translated them into a minimal mark. It’s safe to say that Nike would not be where it is today without it.

Who it’s for

We offer design to marketing directors who could use a little more creative throughput, and companies in need of a creative rebrand.

Marketing Directors

You might find that your creative team is having trouble keeping up with design demands. Especially in a growing company, labor may be stretched thin, and increasing demands from Product and Sales departments continue to pull on the team. That’s why we offer direct access to the creatives so supplementing your marketing department is efficient, and you can overcome project challenges as fast as possible.


For companies who need a little bit of everything, we can be your swiss army knife.

Have you ever wondered, “is our visual design where it needs to be?” Or does Sales ever complain that they need better collateral to win new accounts? You may be thinking about the families and employees in your organization–about the best way to take care of them, and wondering if a redesign is part of the solution. These are real business problems our clients bring to us, and we lead them through the process to solving them.

Client Outcomes

Our design clients have reported significant increases in sales and improved branding to gain market share. In particular, our services have been able to help companies create more distinctive visual identities that stand out from their competitors, allowing them to take full advantage of their unique marketing opportunities. Our expertise has also enabled customers to increase their effectiveness in delivering marketing materials and collateral that is tailored to the needs of potential buyers, boosting their ability to close new accounts.

Furthermore, by leveraging the power of design, we are able to help our clients create experiences that capture attention and engage users on a deeper level than ever before. By understanding the emotional impact design can have on consumers, we are able to create designs that are memorable and enduring – driving long-term brand loyalty and recognition. Ultimately, this boosts customer retention rates by creating a more meaningful connection with customers, helping our clients secure repeat business for years down the line.


One of our clients was a documentary film called “Trigger” about the ripple effects of gun violence. We designed all of the collateral. We designed the press kits, the pocket folders, all the inserts, the posters, all the different things. Then we took the artwork to the gun range and shot it. This was for authenticity and was a fun company outing. The end result was a successful campaign that generated more brand recognition and buzz around the movie, enabling it to be even more successful.

You can see more examples of our design work here.

Client Experience

Many of our clients are looking for:

  • A partner to hold their hand and guide them through the design process.
  • Direct access to the creatives so they’re not needlessly billed like how a typical large agency may bill, (See Podcast Episode 2 – “How Not To Run An Agency” to hear our thoughts on this.)
  • Quick turnarounds. We move quickly because we value efficiency and cut out unnecessary layers of people, communication, and complication.
  • Excellent work done by the creatives themselves.
  • Easy creative communication. Talking directly to their creative designer instead of account managers who are too far removed results in better creative output.

The Client Journey

We guide our clients through their customer journey from start to finish. We begin by working together to identify the clients’ needs, budget and timeline, ensuring that our services meet their expectations for quality and efficacy. Our team of experienced creatives then begins to craft unique and impactful designs tailored to the client’s specifications. Working directly with each individual creative designer allows us to ensure that the end product reflects their vision and captures the desired emotion or message perfectly. In addition to graphic design, our creative services also include logo design, video editing and production, photography, tradeshow design, sales collateral, website design, social media and more – all thoughtfully integrated into an original and cohesive branding package.

What sets us apart is our commitment to efficiency without compromising quality. We work quickly while still delivering high-quality results because we understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines. With every project, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations as well as their customers’ expectations – creating dynamic designs that are sure to captivate audiences and create meaningful connections with potential customers. On top of that, we provide ongoing advertising services in order to maximize customer engagement – allowing businesses to create meaningful connections with potential customers for years down the line.


We believe in creating true partnerships with our clients. As partners, we strive to provide honest communication, transparency, and collaboration between us and our clients. We work closely with each individual client to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved while meeting their budget and timeline expectations. We are dedicated to providing high-quality results without sacrificing efficiency or quality – all while ensuring that the end product reflects the client’s vision perfectly.

We are not an outsourcing company or just another design mill. Hiring us means partnership, which means we value honesty, transparency, and collaboration.


  • We are guides. We hold our clients hands and lead them.
  • We are partners for life.
  • Design is important in solving business problems. We understand how important it is for businesses to have dynamic designs that captivate audiences.
  • We are not an outsourcing company.
  • Never limited to one industry or niche. We have lots of experience in diverse industries and believe that allows us to add unique value to our clients.

Design Capabilities

Naming – from new products to new companies, we help businesses and corporations create and secure impactful and memorable names.

Logos – we have extensive experience designing logos across a wide spectrum of industries and initiatives, from food to healthcare and everywhere in between.

Packaging – our packaging expertise can be found on shelves from grocery stores to pool care stores and beyond. We understand both the legal requirements and how to get noticed on shelf.

Branding – effective branding can be found at every communication touchpoint. From logos to collateral to tradeshow booths to ad campaigns, we help create and develop brands that command attention.

Sales Collateral – sales collateral is often the first point of contact from a business. We help companies large and small design and write effective sales collateral to market their products and services.

Point of Sale – purchase decisions are often made in store. Effective point of sale communications help companies standout from the competition and positively affects the purchase decision.

Tradeshows – tradeshow booth design can be a complex design and production challenge. We help companies get noticed on the floor with breakthrough design and production value.

Photography – whether its food, portrait, or any other type of photography challenge, we have the right team of stylists and photographers to create lasting and impactful images.

Our process for design work is one of collaboration and creative problem solving. We fully understand the importance of delivering a product that meets our clients’ expectations and budget, without sacrificing quality or efficiency. We strive to create dynamic designs that will captivate audiences and create meaningful connections with potential customers over the longterm.

We begin by establishing a partnership between us and our clients; one based on honesty, transparency, and collaboration. We then conduct deep research into our clients’ industries and target markets in order to better understand their needs and develop effective strategies. During this phase, we also provide helpful insights as to how we can help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Once we have established an understanding of the project’s scope, we move onto the concept development phase where our team creates original content such as logos, names for new products/companies, packaging design, collateral materials (i.e., brochures), photography services, tradeshow booth design, point-of-sale materials etc. During this stage of the process it is incredibly important for us to stay in constant communication with our clients in order to ensure that we are on track in meeting their expectations both in terms of budget and timeline constraints.

Finally once all of these elements are developed we then enter into the production phase where all elements come together as one complete package – thoughtfully integrated with web design, social media marketing campaigns, etc. At this point it is important for us to be flexible since things can change due to market conditions or client feedback; which is why staying communicative throughout the entire process helps us identify those changes quickly so they can be implemented accordingly.

By employing this process consistently across every project no matter its size or scope, we make sure that each deliverable goes above and beyond what was expected – creating impactful designs that capture attention while simultaneously driving engagement with potential customers over the long-term.

“Never has there been greater demand for tissue donation services. It was critical that we refresh our brand as an effective platform to champion our voice and convey the need for community donation. The team at Mock listened, quickly aligned with our mission, and hit a home run for us.”
Pati Darrigan, Director of Donor Services and Communication, Legacy Services Donor Foundation